Make your users happy.

Moonlog helps you collect and analayse user feedback and build the product they want.

collect user feedback dashboard

Don't waste time on the wrong features

Capture valuable feedback from your users through feature requests and bug reports. Use this data to prioritize new features and better understand what you should be working on.

collect user feedback screen

Close the feedback loop with your users

Create stunning, interesting release notes as a marketing tool to increase conversions or to keep stakeholders and users informed. Publishing releases notes usually results in more engagement and trust.

collect user feedback

Oh, one more thing ...

Wait until you see what else we have in the pipe.

Feedback Moderation

We want to give you the ability to review incoming requests before you make them public.

Import from canny

Coming from ? No problem, we have you covered with our intuitive csv import tool

External integrations

Github, Jira, Trello, Slack, Zapier and many more coming down the line

Feature voting

Let users decide which features they want to see implemented first.

Custom domain

Maintain continuity by publishing releases and feedback under your own domain.


Allow your users to subscribe to product releases and announcements via e-mail

Maximum features. Minimal Pricing.

One single plan. Get access to everything. Forever.

What's inside ?

  • API access
  • Custom integrations
  • Priority support
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Constant improvements

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